5 Golden rules - When moving out

When you are moving from your rental housing, these five rules can be helpful:

  1. The rental property must be handed over in the same condition as received.
    • Note! if you live on a lease agreement concluded before July 1. 2015, you properly need to renovate your rental property when moving out
    • If you live on a lease that have been concluded after July 1. 2015, you must only renovate if the maintenance is required.
    • If in doubt, please contact Lejernes Hus for advice.
  2. Shortly before key delivery, the rental property i photographed. Make sure that you have at least one good picture of every room.
  3. Get documentation that the landlord is in possession of your new address.
  4. Get documentation with the date that all keys to the rental property, have been handed over.
  5. Do not sign the move-out report after the inspection. if there is the slightest claim you disagree with.
    • If you don’t sign, be sure to take a photo of the move-out report, just to make sure that you have documentation of what was filed in the report. This is a good proof to have if the landlord subsequently tries to write extra on report.

I usually encourage the tenant to sign only for the receipt of the report and not the content of the report.

It must be clearly stated to the report that your signature, if any, only applies to the receipt of the report and not to the content of the report.